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About Armchair Property Investments

I provide personalised services to help you find the perfect investment property to meet your needs. I look at your goals, budget and finance to understand the best mortgage to suit you.  I explore the best places to invest and why and give you comfort with what is required legally.  I explain different types of buildings and the building process and how the property handover takes place.  And I provide you with our follow-up process after settlement...


And best of all, I do this for FREE. 

I will come to you when it suits you and discover what your goals and plans are.  We care about your future planning and having the life your want and the financial security to live that.  

In any market, in any country, there are developers who make money. So, I say in all of this doom and gloom, there will always be people who make money, because people always want homes.

About Me

Hi, I am Roger Reid. At a very young age I learned about fun and risk management as all boys do!  I loved looking for opportunities to better myself, improving my planning and analysing my mistakes to improve my performance in whatever field. 


After leaving 20 years in Office Equipment, I spent 9 years in Mortgage Broking which gave me a great understanding of financial planning and I have held a full real estate licence for the last 5 years, giving you full confidence that I have both your best interests at heart and the skills to deliver you what you need.


I believe in us both having fun winning!

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So, why not contact me now to arrange your appointment time in person on the Sunshine Coast or a phone call elsewhere.  Also, feel free to just ask a questions by simply filling in the form below. 


I am looking forward to hearing from you! 

Email: Tel: 0418 766 334   

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